April 21, 2020

Our neighborhood ospreys have returned for the summer! You can keep an eye on these two from home too -

And this year we have a new nest directly across the street from our house -

Male osprey scout out nests first, so we'll be keeping an eye out for the new tenants. Osprey migrate every year to Grand Lake to feast on fish from the many surrounding lakes.



April 3. 2020 

We know you're missing Grand Lake ... we miss you too! Why not travel from home this weekend?⁣⁣ We've taken some of our favorite pictures and created some coloring pages for your to print & color while you stay at home 🖍 ⁣

Once you've completed your masterpieces, tag @lupinevillage on Instagram or Facebook so we can share your creations with the world


March 2, 2020

To reach Grand Lake from Denver, you'll need to climb the switchbacks of Berthoud Pass, and at the top you'll discover what's left of Colorado's first ski area. Operations began in 1937 when the state's first public rope tow lift was opened. By 1946, over 30,000 skiers visited Berthoud thanks to it's close proximity to Denver, and in 1947 a 2 person lift was installed to increase capacity. In 1955 a lodge was constructed, including a restaurant, bar, lodging rooms, bathrooms and⁣ offices. The lodge operated until 1987, while the lifts continued until 2001, eventually closing due to safety concerns.⁣

⁣These days the lifts & lodge are gone, but Berthoud Pass has returned to it's original roots. Before the lifts were installed & the lodge built, skiers in the 1930's were able to access Grand County thanks to the highway department keeping the pass open in the winter. Today, modern adventurers ascend Berthoud Pass in their tricked out conversion vans to ski & snowboard the untouched backcountry, alongside tourists and weekend warriors on their way to Grand Lake. Skiing Berthoud Pass today requires preparation, knowledge, & skill. Observing from the summit parking lot is recommended for those without backcountry training 😉 ⁣

⁣Thanks to for today's history lesson⁣.


February 17, 2020

What's another foot of snow when you're having fun? We got a ton more snow overnight, so it's time to start planning your visit ⁣❄❄❄⁣

You have your choice of outdoor activities in Grand Lake, 3 of which you can experience at Grand Lake Nordic Center and Trails. Checkout complimentary snowshoes from our Canteen, rent nordic skis from the Nordic Center, or jump on one of the free tubes at the Center's sledding hill! And your 4 legged pal will love the dog-friendly loop 🐕 ⁣⁣

You'll work up quite the thirst & hunger out on the trails, so finish your day  at the clubhouse with amazing views of the Never Summer Mountains at the Sly Fox restaurant & bar 🍺🦊🥪⁣

⁣Only a couple weekend dates left in February  - checkout the Angler Cabin, Wilderness Cabin, & Smokey's Cabin 

⁣Tag us in your photos! Erica & Patrick hit the trails at the Nordic Center for President's Day Weekend. Thanks for sharing your adventure guys! ⁣


⁣February 14, 2020

Looking to surprise that special someone? Give The Stalk Market a call! Mindy & her team are right in town and can even have your flowers delivered so we can place them in your cabin before you arrive 💝 

Grand Lake Winter Carnival 2020


January 21, 2020

You're invited to saddle up & mosey on over for a boot scootin' good time at Winter Carnival! 🤠⁣ 

⁣See one of four yearly fireworks shows over Grand Lake, presented by the Grand Lake Fireworks Organization. Costumes are encouraged at the ball. 

Presented by the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce 


Winter Trail Guide 2020 


January 11, 2020

The most strenuous hike we're sharing with you is the Timber Lake Trail at 10.8 miles with a 2349 gain in elevation. The out & back trail is rated moderate, but add 2+ feet of snow and now you have a REAL workout. This plus the altitude are things to consider, even for the healthiest among us. Altitude can effect people differently and typically doesn't set in until heights of 7500 feet or more. Grand Lake sits at 8369 ft.

⁣Headache, nausea, fatigue, & trouble sleeping are some symptoms to look out for, but some visitors can have more extreme reactions. To combat altitude sickness drink more water, limit your alcohol intake, eat more potassium to replenish electrolytes, & acclimate. Give yourself a good night's sleep at Lupine Village to see how your body will react before taking on a trail like Timber Lake in RMNP.

⁣With all hikes know before you go - check the forecast often & check-in at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center to check the latest trail conditions. Happy Hiking⁣!


January 9, 2020

Our favorite dog-friendly hike in the area isn't just for the dogs! The 4 mi loop around Monarch Lake offers amazing views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and a moderate trail with lots of interesting stops along the way. ⁣

The trail is popular year round, but during the winter the road to the trailhead parking lot is not maintained. Fear not! Park at the base and add the walk to the lake to your hike - uphill, but not difficult. Moose are frequently spotted in the area so be sure to always keep your dog on a leash as moose may see dogs as a threat. We'll have more 'wildlife on the trail' tips for you tomorrow!⁣

With all hikes know before you go - check the forecast often & sign into the Hiker Log at the trailhead. Often there will be notes about trail conditions and wildlife from other hikers. Happy Hiking⁣!⁣


January 11, 2020

One of the chief benefits of winter hiking is the solitude, so it's good to know what to do if you cross trails with an animal. You may see deer, elk, fox, marten, birds, & moose around Grand Lake during the winter. Do not approach or try to feed any wild animals. The more noise you make, the less chance you have of seeing wildlife. So if you can't hike with a partner, sing a little ditty periodically to let the critters know you're there. If you encounter a moose look for signs of aggression & move from the trail giving it plenty of room to move on. If a moose charges you, run as fast as you can and put a boulder or tree between you and the moose. 

There are mountain lions in the area, but they are not typically seen near people. In the very rare occurrence you cross a mountain lion, don't approach it, keep calm and talk firmly and calmly. Back away slowly and definitely don’t run – this could make it want to attack you. Next, do everything you can to appear larger, from waving your arms to opening up your jacket. If the lion starts getting aggressive, throw stones or branches at it. Finally, just like with bears, in a worst case scenario, fight back. ⁣

⁣Thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for these tips! Green Mountain Trail is located inside RMNP. The out & back moderate trail is 3.5 miles.

With all hikes, know before you go - check the forecast often & check the latest trail conditions. Happy Hiking


January 8, 2020

Settled in 1917, the home of one of Grand Lake's first families & dude ranch, the Holzwarth Historic Site today is great for families & history buffs of all ages. The trail is relatively flat, and dotted with informational signs - depending on snow levels, signs may be buried 😉 Be prepared for lots of sunshine as you cross the valley & the Colorado River before reaching the actual site and shade. Loop through the cabins, peeking through the windows, before heading back the way you came to the parking lot. ⁣

Visitors during the summer can tour the cabins with park rangers & volunteers. During peak season plan on visiting early or before sunset to avoid crowds and to have the best chance of spotting wildlife 🦌

With all hikes know before you go - check the forecast often & check-in at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center to check the latest trail conditions. Happy Hiking⁣!


January 7, 2020

⁣The Bowen-Baker trail has a little bit for everyone. If you're looking for a quick trip with epic mountain views, this might be the trail for you. If you're looking for a challenging, longer hike, this might be the trail for you.

Checkout snowshoes from the Canteen at Lupine Village & hit the trail! As you cross the valley toward the treeline look up at the mountains. Can you make out the Grand Ditch? The ditch sends water from the Never Summer mountains, over the Continental Divide, into the Cache La Poudre river eventually feeding farms in eastern Colorado. ⁣

As you exit the valley into the forest you'll also leave Rocky Mountain National Park and enter the Never Summer Wilderness. The trail continues on for miles, the 19 mi loop is very popular with backpackers in the summer.⁣

⁣With all hikes know before you go - check the forecast often & check-in at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center to check these latest trail conditions. Happy Hiking⁣!

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